Puducherry Technological University

Office of the Controller of Examinations

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to Apply for Semester Examinations and Pay the Online Fees

You will receive an Email Communication from coe1@pec.edu

How I know the Total Exam Fees to be paid ?

You will receive an Email Communication from coe1@pec.edu with the total Exam Fees to be Paid.

Which Email - ID should be used for Online Fees Payment

Always use the same Email ID which is used for course Registration for Online Payments. Using any other Email ID will not generate your Hall Ticket.

How to Pay the Exam Fees Using Online Payment

Use the Following Link to Pay the Exam Fees :

How I know whether the Online Payment is Successful.

You Will get a PDF receipt from PayU Payment Gateway with Transaction ID.

How do receive the Hall Ticket / Approved Exam Application.

The Examination Management System (EMS) will automatically issue the Hall Ticket after validating the Payment. This will typically take 2 to 3 Minutes.

I paid the Online Payment, But I have not received the PDF receipt from PayU.

Your Transaction is not complete, In that case, your transaction amount will be refunded back to you.

I paid the Online Payment But I have not received the Hall Ticket / Exam Application

If you use a different Email ID other the one used for course registration, the EMS will not Generate your Hall Ticket / Exam Application. In that case, you have to Email to coe1@pec.edu to manually generate your Hall Ticket.